• Beatrice (Auslevity)

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    One of David Austin’s first yellow cut roses. With its rich coloring and delightful scent, it is ideal for summer weddings and events. Beatrice’s large blooms are held on strong upright stems. They begin as ruffled cups, opening to classic rosettes, the many petals radiating from the center of each bloom in a loose swirl, creating a natural garden rose appearance. Like many true garden roses, it has differing colorations.  Sometimes it is pure, clear yellow, with paler outer petals.  At other times of the year, it is almost two-toned with a dark, almost apricot core and lighter, yellow exterior petals. The fragrance is strong and delicious with hints of honey, lilac, and almond.

    Note: Beatrice needs 4-5 days in water to open nicely.